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real sheepskin boots
real sheepskin boots
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Real Sheepskin and Ugg Style Boots for Sale UK

Real Merino Sheepskin 'A' Grade is regarded as the most luxurious natural product on the market for footwear. All the ranges of our genuine Sheepskin Ugg Boots and Sheepskin Slippers supplied by Shepherd's Life are made using Merino for its extra fine and soft properties. All Shepherd's Life sheepskin boots are double stitched for extra durability.

Ugg boots are a generic term for a style of sheepskin footwear that originated in Australia or New Zealand during the 1920's. Sheepskin boots have also been given the descriptive names ugg boots, ugh boots and ug boots since the 1960's.

Ugg boots are simply footwear that is made from genuine Australian sheepskin. For more info Click Here.


Benefits of Sheepskin Boots:

There are various advantages to wearing sheepskin, not just for its thermostatic properties, as the wool insulates your feet and keeps them at body temperature by circulating the air inside your ugg boot. The fibres breathe and naturally draw moisture away from your skin to keep it comfortable and dry. These properties mean that you should not wear socks to experience the full comfort of your sheepskin boots.


Buying Shepherds Life

Buying your sheepskin boots online could not be easier, with our simple to navigate website you can easily view our sheepskin ugg boots or the luxury Calf Skin boot range. You can also check the size guide before making your purchase or learn more about cleaning and care, there is also a simple Shepherd's Life facts page to explain more about our commitment and our delivery policy.

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Cheap Real Sheepskin Boots

cheap real sheepskin boots At Shepherd’s Life, we like to think that we offer the widest selection and highest quality genuine Australian Ugg sheepskin boots anywhere in the world. We take a lot of pride in this distinctly Australian product (although our friends in New Zealand would argue that point) and have gone to great lengths to develop a large client list that not only keep coming back for boots, but that also act as our word of mouth marketing representatives throughout the world.

Although the term Ugg boots is known to many people throughout the world, these boots have a fairly short history. We believe that the term Ugg boots was derived from the way many people described them when they first tried them on, calling them ugly but so very comfortable. Historically, Ugg boots have been manufactured as a commercial footwear product since only the 1930’s. What began as a small local item of footwear for Australians has evolved into an internationally famous footwear style that is unique unto itself. While attempts have been made by an American company to trademark the term Ugg, for the most part this term is used as a description of a type of boot and not a brand name. While there are many shoe factories in China making what are called genuine Australian Ugg boots, we truly believe that the only shoe manufacturers that have access to the highest quality sheepskin are located in the sheep countries, mainly Australia and New Zealand. If you want the best, you have to go to the source, like we do at Shepherd’s Life.

Ladies sheepskin Boots UK

ladies sheepskin boots uk Shepherd’s Life will only sell boots that we know are the highest quality and made with the freshest and best sheepskin available. The reason that Ugg boots are so popular all over the world is actually a twofold phenomenon. One reason for their popularity is because they have become a popular status symbol among the jet set. The primary reason they are so popular is that they are the most comfortable footwear that you will find. They are lightweight, soft and will keep your feet warm in the winter yet cool in the heat of the summer. At Shepherd’s Life, we know that each boot we make needs to be the most comfortable boot that our customers will ever wear and that is why we are so serious about the material and manufacturing standards for these boots. We are also proud of the wide range of boot styles and colours offered in the Ugg boot line up. If you visit our store you will even find a large selection of children’s and babies sheepskin boots.

While product quality and a wide range of choices are important to our customer base, we believe that customer service is an important component of our success and our customer’s satisfaction level. We have a well trained staff on line to help you with any questions you may have when ordering our boots. We will walk you through the process of correctly sizing your purchase and will be available after your purchase to advise you on the proper care of your Ugg boots.

If you are thinking about investing in a pair of Ugg style boots for yourself or to give as a gift to a friend or relative, we hope you will check out our line of boot products and judge for yourself if we don’t have the best quality Ugg boots on sale anywhere in the world. If you can find a pair of boots of similar quality to ours at a lower price, let us know and we will match or beat the price of a similar product.

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