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Do You Know Your Sheepskin Boots?


Ugg is just a generic name for the style of Australian sheepskin boots. Some time ago Deckers Inc, who are a huge American company, managed to obtain the trademark of the word Ugg. To us it’s a little like Nike or Adidas managing to trademark “ trainers“. The huge American company will send their expensive legal team after anyone using any terminology with the word “ugg“  included. However this does not seem to stop counterfeiters from China masquerading as discount stores for UGG Australia . You can not buy “original“ UGG Australia for the prices they quote, so be aware!

If you are still considering purchasing the boots from the American giants please check out their UGG Australia.com website. Under their Womens section there’s a section about the counterfeit products. There’s also a list of their off and on line authorized sellers. If you see a good price for “original“ boots it is best that you check they are on their list, other wise you are probably wasting your hard earned money.

We are not advising you to buy or not to buy UGG Australia but are letting you know of the high risk of trying to buy them online.

There are many other options also to our boots for you to consider. Other quality makes for you should keep in mind are, Celtic Sheepskin, Mou Online, Love From Australia and Just. Shepherd’s Life along with these four makes and UGG Australia are all of top quality. Many customers of ours are convinced ours are the best, as they have a very high specification, but hopefully we’ll leave that for you to agree with.


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